What is Tapaerobics?

Tapaerobics is a tap class in the style of an aerobics class.  It combines the fun of tap dancing with a structured fitness regime as well as bopping along to popular chart songs. 

Where can I do it?

Tapaerobics classes are currently held at Houghton Dance & Performing Arts Academy

Visit www.houghtondance.co.uk for information. 

Who teaches it?


Tricia A. Thompson came up with the idea of Tapaerobics while at University (1996-99) and then decided to try out the first classes when Houghton Dance & Performing Arts Academy opened a new building in 2000.  The classes have now been running since April 2000 and are a popular way to keep fit and dance at the same time! 



What can I achieve? 

Not only is it a great way of keeping fit but you'll also pick up basic tap steps.  Classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced tappers.  Ladies in the past have learnt tap from scratch and have even taken their bronze medal in tap dancing. 

What are the tap steps used during Tapaerobics?

To help you with your 'Tapaerobics' experience visit the Tap Glossary page by clicking here.

Tapaerobics Fame!

A demonstration of Tapaerobics was featured as part of BBC's 'Fat Nation' Tour at the Metro Centre, Gateshead in 2005 to a packed audience of shoppers.

Where can I find out more?

Email trish@reachingforthestars.co.uk for more information either about classes/workshops/professional training/teaching.


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Wednesdays 7 - 7.45 p.m. and Fridays 6.45 - 7.30 p.m. Houghton Dance & Performing Arts Academy